Previous conferences (9)

International Conferences on Men’s Issues (ICMIs) have been held annually since 2014, with the exception of 2015:

  • Detroit (2014) – organized by Paul Elam
  • London (2016)
  • Gold Coast, Australia (2017)
  • London (2018)
  • Chicago (2019)
  • online (2020)

The following people have the authority to organize ICMIs:

Messages 4 Men conferences were held in London annually (2017 – 2019). They are the responsibility of Elizabeth Hobson, former leader of the political party Justice for Men & Boys (May 2020 – March 2021).

The first National Conference on Men’s Issues in the UK, a virtual conference – Domestic Abuse is a Men’s Issue, Too – was organized by Justice for Men & Boys and held online on 7 June, 2020. Details here and the playlist of presentation videos here.

Playlists of the videos of the 300+ presentations at all the previous conferences can be found here.