A majority of Americans are pro-life and they’re ready to overturn Roe v. Wade


Encouraging. I covered abortion at length in my conference speech Women’s Rights v Others’ Rights, Abortion, Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and outlined the thinking behind the renaming and relaunching of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the party I launched in 2013 and still lead, as the Children & Families Party, probably in April 2022.

Other speakers who covered abortion to a greater or lesser degree include Christian Hacking, Parliamentary Liaison Officer for the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK, Richard Lucas, leader of the Scottish Family Party, Gerry Alexander and Don Lofendale.

The seventh International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI21)


Since 2014, International Conferences on Men’s Issues (ICMIs) have been the flagship events of the global men’s rights movement. They cover issues affecting men and boys directly, and women and girls indirectly.

Following the success of ICMI20, the organizers of the event decided that another major online ICMI would be held in 2021.The event will be held over 10:00 AM GMT, Monday, 13 December – midday GMT, Sunday, 19 December, 2021. Video presentations and interviews will be retained on the conference platform for six months after the event.

The event will be highly interactive. As well as pre-recorded presentation and interview videos (70+ of them) there will be 70+ live Q&A sessions, and more. There will also be ample opportunities for networking with speakers and other attendees, and attendees will be able to set up their own discussion groups, and more. We have invested in the market-leading virtual event software to optimise the attendee experience. You can attend the conference on either your computer or your mobile devices. 

Conference-related costs need to be covered. Tickets cost £20.00 (or the equivalent in your local currency), and are on sale now, here. We look forward to you joining us for what will surely be a memorable event. Buy your ticket now because the Whova app has some great discussions going already, and you’re missing out on communicating with men and women from around the world.

I am responsible for organizing online ICMIs as well as in-person ICMIs in Europe, my next in-person event in Europe being scheduled for 2024. Anil Kumar is responsible for in-person ICMIs in India, his next event is scheduled for early 2023. Robert Brockway is responsible for in-person ICMIs in Australia, the next is due 2025. 

The last conference (ICMI20)

The hugely successful sixth International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI20). 120 videos, many of them interviews by the organizers, were posted over the course of five days – on the hour, every hour. 

I’d like to thank my fellow organizers – Elizabeth Hobson (at the time, and until March 2021, the leader of the British political party Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), Tom Caulfield (J4MB Technical Director), Paul Elam, Tom Golden and Robert Brockway. They were all a pleasure to work with throughout the months before ICMI20, and during it.

I’d like to thank everyone who provided a video, or was interviewed on Zoom for the event. The technical quality standards of the videos were generally higher than we were expecting, given that the vast majority of the speakers were not professional video makers, some had never made a video in their lives. It surely goes without saying that the quality of the content of the videos was high, and we had very positive feedback.

The list of speakers and interviewees is here. The mirror videos – posted because for various reasons a number of videos didn’t materialise – are numbered 109-125.

With the exception of the mirror videos, all the videos were released simultaneously on dedicated playlists on the J4MB YouTube channel – here – and on Paul Elam’s “An Ear for Men” YouTube channel – here. The mirror videos are only on the J4MB playlist. Paul’s channel has 103,000+ subscribers, more than the J4MB channel, so there are more comments there.

Mike Buchanan – Conference Director, chairman of the organizing committee

E: mikebuchananuk@gmail.com M: (+44) 7967 026163 (United Kingdom)

Conference Q&A videos – now available to watch at no cost

The conference could not be going any better. Feedback from attendees has been amazing.

With immediate effect we’ll be posting the recorded videos of the 70+ live Q&As at the ongoing conference in a new playlist operated by the political party I lead Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them)here.

We invite you to buy a ticket (£20.00) and urge friends, family, and feminists (the three “Fs”) to do likewise, here. We currently expect ticket sales to end on 1 January, so you (and they) have only two weeks left to order tickets.

Ticket buyers will find on the conference website all 70+ presentations and interviews, and by buying a ticket you (and they) will help ensure the continuation of this remarkable conference series, which started in Detroit in 2014.

The interview and presentation videos will be available on the conference platform until at least 13 June, 2022, maybe a little longer.

Mike Buchanan

Conference director


New Guest of Honour – Robin Aitken

I’m pleased to announce a new Guest of Honour, Robin Aitken. Rick Bradford (aka William Collins) and I interviewed him yesterday, and he’ll be joining us for a live Q&A. His short biography:

“Robin Aitken was a BBC reporter for 25 years ending up on the Today Programme under editor Rod Liddle. His experience at the BBC turned him into one of the Corporation’s best-informed critics. Since leaving the BBC he has published a series of books about the Corporation; the first , in 2007, was ‘Can We Trust the BBC? and the most recent, in 2020, The Noble Liar – how and why the BBC distorts the news to promote a liberal agenda.

He now works as a freelance and writes regularly for the Daily Telegraph and other newspapers and magazines. In 2016 Robin was awarded an MBE for his part in setting up The Oxford Food Bank – a food recovery charity. He is married with two daughters and lives in Oxford.”



New Guest of Honour – Will Knowland

I am delighted to report a new Guest of Honour, Will Knowland. His profile on the speakers’ page:

Will is married with six children. He was educated in the state system before winning a scholarship to an independent school, where he enjoyed being taught well beyond the syllabus. After mentoring young offenders and teaching in a national challenge state school, he moved to the independent sector for more freedom and to give others the opportunity he had. But he found freedom lacking at Eton: the ideas in a video on traditional masculinity he prepared for a debate course were deemed ‘gross misconduct’ for creating a ‘hostile’ work environment.

Passionate about freedom of speech, he also left the offending video on his private YouTube channel – making a stand for the students’ right to receive information as well as his own right to express it. He offered to edit it or take it down if given an explanation of what was objectionable about it. This, too, was deemed ‘gross misconduct’. He now tutors online, continuing to write and make videos.


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Revised conference dates

A decision has been taken to move the conference back four weeks. The revised dates are 10:00 GMT, Monday, 13 December, to 12:00 GMT, Sunday, 19 December. We were originally planning up to 72 speakers or interviewees in two parallel streams, most of the videos being followed by live Q&A sessions. It’s now been decided to hold the event in one stream, which has doubled the conference duration from three to six days.

Hannah Gal – new Guest of Honour

I am pleased to announce a new Guest of Honour, Hannah Gal. Her documentary is titled, “Progressivism is destroying men, families, societies and civilization”, her details:

Hannah was inspired to create this documentary – which has its world premiere at this conference – by her interviews with the translator of Jordan Peterson’s books into Hebrew. The translator showed how Peterson’s narratives are supported by the ancient language. As an example Gever (man), Gibor (hero) and Lehitgaber (to overcome) – central to Peterson’s message, all derive from the same root. This links to the documentary’s premise that through the assault on masculinity and the weakening of men, progressivism is destroying men, families, societies and civilisation. The documentary will be submitted to film festivals after being shown here.

Hannah is a London-based journalist and filmmaker. Her credits include The SpectatorUnHerdQuilletteAdobeAppleThe CriticThe LotusEaters and The Jerusalem Post among others. Her Quillette articles were retweeted by Jordan Peterson and Christina Hoff Sommers.

Her documentaries have been screened on TV and in festivals worldwide including Berlin, NY, LA, Ann Arbor, Cannes and Edinburgh. She gave special director talks at Cannes and Brief Encounters. Her TV credits include BBC1 and Channel 4.

Hannah comments on culture and society – from men’s rights and the rise of woke, to free speech and interviews with leading influencers.

What the heck can men be doing about abortion?

We’re pleased to announce another speaker on abortion at this event, Christian Hacking. His speaker profile:

Christian Hacking is the parliamentary liaison officer for the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK, an organisation set up to educate the British public on the humanity and value of unborn children and the reality of abortion. By employing tried and tested principles of social reform history CBR UK are the only UK pro life group with a clear and accessible public strategy for the abolition of abortion. His talk will examine the scientific basis for the humanity of unborn children, describe what really happens to them in every “safe” abortion procedure, and finally show the clear role men must play to end this shedding of innocent blood in the UK for good.

CBRUK published the video How to end Abortion.

Christian has appeared on BBC Radio 4, BBC Three Counties Radio and LBC. He is married to Esther and has three wonderful children. When he is not found campaigning to end abortion he can be found brewing beer, replacing i-phone screens or identifying mushrooms badly.