Speaker and interviewee invitations

This conference is the second ICMI (ICMI20 was the first) in which we’re extending an open invitation to those with an interest in gender matters (other than feminists, obviously) to submit videos, or apply to be interviewed by one or more of the event organizers (English language only).

We would ask you to email the following details as soon as possible, we’ll confirm as soon as we can whether you’ve been accepted as a speaker or interviewee:

– name, sex, nationality
– URL(s) of any website(s) you run, individually or jointly
– links to materials you’ve published online
– Provisional talk / interview title, broad details of the issue(s) you plan to cover – maximum 100 words

Please do not prepare a video (even a test video) until we confirm that you’ve been accepted as a speaker or interviewee, in which case we’ll ask you to provide a head and shoulders photograph, maximum 2MB – we can crop images, if required. The final image used on the website will be portrait style orientation, and we’ll ask you to provide your entry – biography, maybe a few words on the presentation or interview content – maximum 250 words, with hyperlinks.

Our guidance on preparing videos is here.

All videos will be reviewed, we reserve the right to not publish any to which we object.

If you live in North America, please email Chris Votey (chris@chrisvotey.com), in Australia or New Zealand, Robert Brockway (Robert@AMRAinc.org). For other countries, email Mike Buchanan (mike@j4mb.org.uk). Thank you.