Our thanks to Tom Caulfield, Technical Director at Justice for Men & Boys, for his launch video (20:11) for ICMI20. It was very well received.

Only speakers and ticket holders will be able to watch the conference videos and live Q&As during the event. At a later date, yet to be announced, we’ll be publishing the videos simultaneously on dedicated playlists on two YouTube channels:

Paul Elam
Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them)

The videos will be posted hourly during the conference, from 10:00 GMT on 13 December to 12:00 GMT on 19 December.

The videos will remain available to watch on the online platform for a period of six months after the event ends.

Playlists of the presentations (and more, including interviews) at the previous six International Conferences on Men’s Issues (2014 – 2020), and the three Messages 4 Men conferences in London (2017 – 2019), and the first (online) National Conference on Men’s Issues in the UK (2020) – Domestic abuse is a men’s issue, too – can be found here.

Tom Caulfield created many short promotional videos for ICMI20. The playlist is here. If you click on the first one, the others will play in sequence.