The seventh International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI21)

Since 2014, International Conferences on Men’s Issues (ICMIs) have been the meeting place for the global men’s rights movement. 

Following the success of ICMI20, the organizers of the event decided that another major online ICMI would be held from midday, GMT, Thursday, 18 November – midday, Sunday, 21 November, 2021. International Men’s Day is on 19 November. The event will be highly interactive. As well as pre-recorded presentation and interview videos there will be live Q&A sessions, and much more. There will also be ample opportunities for networking with speakers and other attendees, and attendees will be able to set up meeting rooms, and more. We have invested in the market-leading virtual event software to optimise the attendee experience.

I am responsible for organizing online ICMIs and in-person ICMIs in Europe, while Chris Votey is responsible for organizing in-person ICMIs in North America. He plans to hold the next one in 2022, when hopefully Covid-related restrictions will have been relaxed sufficiently to make that a possibility. Robert Brockway is responsible for organizing ICMIs in Australia, Anil Kumar ICMIs in India.

I’ll be devoting more of my time and energy in future organizing and running ICMIs and other offline and online events, because I feel I can best support the fast-growing MRM that way. I worked as a business consultant for the Conservative party over 2006-8, developing and executing a new commercial model for their conferences including the main autumn conferences which have for long been the largest such events in Europe (12,000+ attendees).

The conferences had previously been loss-making, but the new model delivered a profit of £11.4 million to the party over the period  2007-14. In his autobiography For The Record David Cameron, former prime minister, recorded that it was the largest single income stream for the party over the period. Details here.

I’ve established a limited company, MRA International Ltd., to support my events-related work, including ICMIs.

The last conference (ICMI20)

The hugely successful sixth International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI20). 120 videos, many of them interviews by the organizers, were posted over the course of five days – on the hour, every hour. 

I’d like to thank my fellow organizers – Elizabeth Hobson (at the time, and until March 2021, the leader of the British political party Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), Tom Caulfield (J4MB Technical Director), Paul Elam, Tom Golden and Robert Brockway. They were all a pleasure to work with throughout the months before ICMI20, and during it.

I’d like to thank everyone who provided a video, or was interviewed on Zoom for the event. The technical quality standards of the videos were generally higher than we were expecting, given that the vast majority of the speakers were not professional video makers, some had never made a video in their lives. It surely goes without saying that the quality of the content of the videos was high, and we had very positive feedback.

The list of speakers and interviewees is here. The mirror videos – posted because for various reasons a number of videos didn’t materialise – are numbered 109-125.

With the exception of the mirror videos, all the videos were released simultaneously on dedicated playlists on the J4MB YouTube channel – here – and on Paul Elam’s “An Ear for Men” YouTube channel – here. The mirror videos are only on the J4MB playlist. Paul’s channel has 103,000+ subscribers, more than the J4MB channel, so there are more comments there.

Mike Buchanan – Conference Director, chairman of the organizing committee

E: M: (+44) 7967 026163 (United Kingdom)

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  1. Very interesting. We men need to be kept updated on the latest development on the misuse of feminist power, the aggravation of the Boy, Father and Men Crises, and innovative male initiatives to establish a new gender balance and harmony in socioety. This Conference seems like a promising occation for obtaining these goals.

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